Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gameday, Panthers @ Red Wings, L, 1-2 (SO)

Clemmensen led the team onto the ice for warm-ups, so he's in goal. I'm just hoping for a win today, no matter who is in goal. The Panthers could use this win so badly!!! They only have a 2 point lead in the SE over Washington. The last 3 playoff spots in the East are coming down to Florida, Washington, Ottawa and Buffalo. Who will be the odd team out? Please, not Florida, please!! If they can just win 2 of 4 games, they'll be in. More for the division title, of course. But it's just about survival right now. They haven't played well enough lately to worry about the division title. They just need to make it to the playoffs, the title would be icing on the cake.

The Panthers took another game into a shootout and the Red Wings ended up winning. Wolski was the first shooter again, and I saw him going to the end of the bench and trying to talk to José again before his shot. So I think he asked advice again, so I give José another assist, because he made it! He is 2-2 since asking José's advice.

The Panthers moved one point closer to a playoff spot. If they win and get 2 points against Winnipeg on Tuesday, then they will clinch a playoff spot!

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