Sunday, May 15, 2011

2005 Ford Commercial Featuring José

Ran across this commercial on YouTube today. It's so awesome!! I love the length of his hair here. I guess I'll just supply the link, since embedding covers up stuff on the side.

Here are a few screen caps, for those that want a quick peek without playing the video. The lighting was very dark. I guess they were going for moody and artsy? And a fellow Theo fan on tumblr translated what he said as "When we change our attitude, it changes everything." Nice.


  1. I've made the commercial tagline [Quand on change d'attitude ça change tout] (when you change the attitude, that changes everything) my signature on Japer's Rink

  2. Excellent! Do you know what the rest of the commercial says? I mean, what the narrator is saying? Is it also about changing attitude?


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