Monday, May 30, 2011

Djurgarden's Website and José Photos

As I've said numerous times, José played in Sweden for Djurgarden during the 2004/05 lockout season. A fellow José fan on tumblr today posted a photo from his time there that I'd never seen. Well, I'd seen the photo, but not the color version of it. I'd only seen the black and white version. So I'll post it here along with the others from the same time. I love this new one, because it shows his eyes so beautifully.

The black and white that we've seen before:

Then the very similar shot:

Here's the website these photos came from:

And we see that this is where the "Look at my braces" photo came from too.

Dan Boyle also played with him there:

And I didn't realize Marty Turco played with him also. José played 17 games for Djurgarden, and Marty only played 6.

You might check out the gallery at that site, because there are quite a few mighty fine-lookin' hockey players. ;o)

I think Mats Hogberg should be the official NHL photographer, because he can bring out the best in these players. We need these shots...not the normal NHL headshots we see. ;o)

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