Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Interviews from 2009-10 Season in Washington

Continuing with the interviews from the Capitals' site from the 2009-10 season. Thanks to missenjeu for sending me links to the interviews that were shared with other players...they didn't come up in my search.

9/12/09 (Training camp, talking about the upcoming season. I hate to even post this one, because we all know what happened the summer before this, and it's brutal to see. But I want to be all inclusive.)

09/24/09 (Pre-season loss in New York.)

10/01/09 (Win over Boston)

10/10/09 (Loss to Detroit) (Shirtless! ;o)

10/24/09 (OT Win)

10/27/09 (4-2 win over Philadelphia)

Saves for Kids

11/30/09 (Win over Carolina)

12/15/2009 (Win over Colorado, José is at :34 mark.)

1/19/2010 (Win over Detroit. In the words of miseenjeu, José stole this game.)

02/02/10 (Win over Boston, José is first)
03/06/10 (2-0 shutout of NY Rangers, José is first)

03/24/10 (4-3 shootout win over Pittsburgh, José is last, about 4:40)

04/03/10 (3-2 win over Columbus, José is at about 1:30 and shirtless!)

04/08/10 (Video about Masterton nomination, José is about :30 in.)

04/13/10 (Talks about facing Montreal in the playoffs.)

04/15/10 (Game 1 loss to Montreal)

05/07/10 (Post-season meeting with the media.)

06/23/10 (2 interviews after being awarded Masterton...have Kleenex handy)

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