Saturday, May 7, 2011

José Named 50th Greatest Goalie in NHL History over at Bleacher Report

I hesitate to post this, and I might remove it after further consideration. Even though the author of the list (John Phen) picked José as #50, many of the commenters were not in agreement and didn't think he should be on the list at all. So as much as I liked seeing him mentioned, I didn't like to see the comments. But I thought I'd at least let you all know about it before I decide if I'll remove it or not.

As far as I'm concerned, he should be on the list. He's one of the few goalies to win the Hart, and that's what Mr. Phen keeps pointing out. Plus there are so many wonderful qualities to his game and his person. But I realize most people who read and comment on these type things are most concerned with stats and Stanley Cups. ~sigh~ That's not what I judge greatness on, but I'm in the minority there.

Also, his photo is not showing up for me, others are. :( I'm sure it's just an in-game photo, but I'd like to see which one.

Here's the article:

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