Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Interviews from 2008-09 Season in Washington

Here are links to his videos from the 2008-09 season on the Capitals' website.

07/10/08 (From his first visit with the media after signing with the Caps.)

07/30/08 (It says 7/30, but it sure looks like the same day as above) (Snapshots, Part 1)

Snapshots, Part 2

09/20/08 (Talking about Caps training camp.)

10/03/08 (Pre-season game against Detroit...I'm pretty sure he won from the comments.)

10/11/08 (After a win...score/opponent not specified.)

10/21/08 (2-1 loss to Calgary, and they put on the screen that he was Brent Johnson. :p)

10/28/08 (Shootout win over Nashville)

11/14/08 (Win over New Jersey)

11/23/08 (Talking about his new mask.)

11/28/08 (3-0 win over Montreal) (Snazzy hat)

12/26/08 (3-2 win over Buffalo)

12/28/08 (Win over Toronto)

01/06/09 (Shootout win over Philadelphia)

1/17/09 (Win over first-place Boston)

02/07/09 (Win over Florida)

2/10/09 (Q&A at ESPN Zone)

2/11/09 (Shootout loss to New York Rangers)

2/20/09 (Loss to Colorado)

03/06/09 (Ask a Cap, about his music)

3/12/09 (2-1 win over Philadelphia)

3/16/09 (Who I Am)

03/17/09 (3-0 win over Florida)

03/16/09 (5-1 loss to Atlanta)

03/24/09 (Shootout loss to Toronto)

04/09/09 (Win over Tampa Bay) (Shirtless! ;o)

04/13/09 (Talking about meeting Rangers in first round of playoffs.)

04/15/09 (Loss to Rangers in Game 1 of playoffs)

04/17/09 (Post-practice before Game 2 of playoffs)

05/15/09 (Reflecting on the season and playoffs...not a fun interview at all, poor guy.)

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