Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Last Thing I'll Say about Pronunciation/Spelling of Theodore, I Promise

I promise I won't bring this up again, but Berni pointed out to me a part of an interview I'm sure most of us have seen from when he first went to Washington. When he's looking at his old scouting report from when he was 18 (at about 00:35 mark) he said, "I don't know why they say Thay-uh-dore, because it's actually an English name. My dad is English. So it's Thee-uh-dore." ~shrugs and shakes his head~

At first I thought that was just a comment about how people pronounce it, which we all know he says it's pronounced Thee-uh-dore. He's said that in more than one interview. But when he looks at the report and says "I don't know why they say Thay-uh-dore." He's reading what they wrote. He's not listening to what someone said. So he's looking at what's written and said that. So that leads me (and Berni) to believe that they spelled it Théodore (with the accent.) And he's saying it shouldn't be written that way, because it's an English name.

I know most people in the Montreal area write it Théodore, because that's the way they are used to writing and saying French names. But I take this as proof that it should be written Theodore, without the accent, and I've edited all my sites to reflect that. It's an English name, not French. As Berni says, just because she speaks Spanish doesn't mean she should call him Ho-say, because that's how it's pronounced in Spanish. He pronounces it Jo-say, not Ho-say, so whether she speaks Spanish or not, his name is Jo-say. Thanks for the insight, Berni!!

Here's the interview again:
Click here.

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