Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2nd Week of Movember

Ok, whoever is taking these photos is killin' me! They are the most unflattering photos of the guys!! Even more unflattering than those notorious official NHL headshots. ;o) They obviously take them after practice, when their hair is wet and standing on end. Believe me, José is not the only one who had this hairdo. It makes me giggle. I'm glad they aren't so vain that they need to "fix themself up" for every photo. Way to go, guys. And it's all for charity, remember. Oh, and it looks like José is going for the whole beard/moustache look rather than moustache only...we'll see how it progresses.

And after that photo, I will post this one again, because it's one of my most favorite photos ever of José. And I think he deserves having a good photo of him posted after that Movember one. Not saying it's bad...just funny!


  1. Is the photographer trying to make them look like wild men? /ducks

  2. I know...it's crazy!! Maybe they are having a private contest to see who can have the wildest hairdo as well. ;o) Funny hockey players...make me laugh. ;o)


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