Sunday, November 28, 2010

Call for Reader Submissions

Since my time as a gatherer of Theo information and blogger, I've run across a great group of Theo fans out there. Numerous fans have contacted me through this site to let me know how much they appreciate the site and José himself. I thought it might be neat to share some of those stories with the rest of the readership. But I certainly would not do that without permission. So this is a call out to all José fans out you have a story about a time(s) you met the man himself? Or times that you saw him play or in the airport or on the bus? Or are you like me and have never been in his actual presence, but are still a big fan and would like to share why? Then let me know about it, and I'll make an entry for each of you.

I will only share what is sent to me from this point forward. I won't share anything that's been shared previously, because I want people to let me know for sure how much or how little you'd like to share. Please e-mail me ( with your stories and any photos you'd like to share. Please keep it PG (I will edit anything I think might not be appropriate and will let you know how I have edited, and if it's still ok with you before I post.)

Also let me know how you'd like to be referenced (first name, nickname, username, initials, "girl from Texas", etc.)

If no one would like to share on such a public forum, that's more than fine. I totally understand. I just wanted to make that offer, because there are some really neat stories out there, and I think it would be nice for others to know how gracious and kind José is to his fans. But again, totally up to you.

If you don't want your stories shared but would still like to share them with only me, I'd love that also. I just love to hear from other Theo fans. It really makes my day. He is such a wonderful guy and goalie it's nice to hear when others realize it as well.

Ok, I think that's's a different photo I found of our favorite goalie last night. It had been mistagged on the site I found it on, so it didn't show up all the other times I searched. I only found it with a misspelling. Anyway this is his official headshot from the 2004 Canadian World Cup team. Oh, the luxurious locks...

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