Tuesday, November 16, 2010

José's NHL Headshots Through the Years

A couple weeks ago I located most of José's NHL headshots from through the years. I've been debating whether to make a post of them or not. But I decided other people might like to see them, good photos or not. ;o)

Now if you've ever seen the NHL headshots, they are not the most flattering photos. They are pretty crappy most of the time. I think they must take them after practices when they guy's hair is all messed up, etc. Anyway, they aren't meant to be glamour shots, so they are what they are. And even if they aren't the most flattering shots, I think it's still interesting to see the way he's changed through the years...especially his hair.

This first one is actually not an NHL one. It's from 1996 when he played for the Canadian World Junior team. 1996 was when he began his professional career though, mostly playing for the Canadiens' AHL team in Fredericton.

Then I didn't find one again until 2001.



2004-Lockout season, so there wasn't an NHL photo. This was from when he played on the Canadian World Cup team that year.


2005 (After he was traded to Colorado. It looks like the same photo with the Avs jersey superimposed over the Canadiens one.)

2006 (I have to say this is  my favorite. I like his longer hair, but this style is just adorable!)





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