Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Theo Will Get His First Home Start on Friday, Nov. 26

The Wild play Philly tonight, Backstrom in goal.

From Russo's Rants:

"With so many games in the next little while, the Wild will be doing a lot of things to manage the bodies and get rest. Thursday (Thanksgiving) the Wild will practice because of Friday's 1 p.m. game. Jose Theodore is scheduled to make his first home start vs. the Predators."

Awesomesauce! And I'm off work that day and hopefully will be able to enjoy the game on my NHL GameCenter Live. Go Theo!!!


  1. Finally!!!!!!!! but kinda sad he isn't playing the Avs on sat

  2. yeah, home start! but i think that at 1 pm (thats 4 pm my time) ill be in a soccer game... never have i ever wished soccer was cancelled... not like i can play with my bad ankle, but whatever, gotta be there for the team lol! good luck, Theo!

  3. Yes, I'm very excited that he's going to get a home start. For multiple of them being there's a much better chance of him being interviewed and it being on the Wild's website. They only do that for home games. ;o)

  4. ohhhh, hadnt thought of that! well, that makes these news 100000x better :D


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