Friday, November 26, 2010

Backstrom, not Theo, Will Start Against the Avs on Saturday

From Mike Russo's twitter:

Niklas Backstrom starts Saturday in Denver: Backstrom is 14-3-2 with a 2.10 GAA, a .928 SV% and two shutouts in 19 starts against Colorado

Those are some pretty good stats, so I can see why they are starting him.
Here are José's game stats for his 5 games this season so far:

                                               GA    SA     SV      SV%
Nov 26 '10 NSH @ MIN  W   2      34      32      .941

Nov 19 '10 MIN @ DET  W   3      44      41      .932 

Nov 12 '10 MIN @ FLA   L    2      27      25      .926 

Nov 06 '10 MIN @ CBJ   W  2     37      35      .946

Oct 22 '10 MIN @ VAN   L    5      35      30      .857 

So his record is 3-2, 14 GA, 177 SA,  163 SV, .921 SV%, 2.77 GAA, 0 SO, and 303 minutes played.


  1. As always, thanks for keeping us updated! Hopefully Theo will get another start sooner than later! Today, I think I might've started my friend's conversion into hockey and Theo through playing NHL 09... she used the Capitals and loved how Theo protected her net while I was trying to absolutely destroy her lol!

    Oh, and I finished another drawing... but my good camera and scanner are broken, so I won't be uploading to my page yet... but still, you get a sneak-peek from my crappy phone camera! haha

  2. You're welcome!! I do my best. ;o) Congrats on possibly converting your friend! I've often thought about trying one of the NHL video games. Way back when my husband and I got together he had one of the NHL games, and I played it some. It was actually fun, but I kinda stunk. I think I should try again though...

    Oh!! I love that new drawing! I can't wait to see it on your site. I really like that photo of him (stretching photos are always nice), so it's cool that you drew that one!

  3. The games are a lot of fun after you get how to play them right... at first it was really frustrating, but now it's fun, and my brother and I make little competitions to make it more fun... for instance, we do "who can score most goals in a game/period", "who gets more assists when using just one player" and my personal favourite, "who gets the most penalty minutes" :)

  4. I think I'll get one with some birthday money. ;o) I'll probably have to get the Wii version though. The PS3 and XBox 360 are my husband's territory.

  5. I have NHL 09 for the computer and PS2, but I've been saving to get a Xbox so I'm probably getting NHL 11 sometime soon... I'm really excited because in that one I can play as the goalie, and playing as Theo is something I'm really looking forward to! :P

  6. That sounds like a lot of fun!! ;o)


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