Saturday, November 27, 2010

Video from the End of the 2009-10 Season

Since today isn't a gameday for Theo, I thought I'd post this old video that I happened upon. Not sure how I'd missed it before. It was really bittersweet, because it's always nice to see a José interview, because he handles himself so well and answers questions intelligently and with class. But this particular video brought back feelings of sadness and anger that I felt after he wasn't resigned by the Capitals. And this video occurred before that was official, and you can tell by what he says that he really wanted to stay in Washington. That's kind of hard to hear and makes me feel bad for him all over again. Then you add in them asking about the Masterton at the end...ouch.

But, if nothing else you can mute the video and just watch him. This is actually my favorite look of his (for today anyway ;o) I love the length of his hair, and the full facial hair. And the baseball cap look always works for me. I do appreciate Scruffy Theo. ;o)

So you have been warned about the possible sadness of this video, and here you go:


  1. My 11-year-old brother, who doesn't speak any English, was sitting by me as I was watching this video, and he asked "Why does he look and sound sad?", which kinda broke my heart, he actually looks sad/tired enough for his face/voice to give him away ):...

    Funnier note, my brother also asked why he has a strange accent.

  2. Awww...that is really sad to hear. It's evident to us that he was tired and sad, but for it to even show to someone totally removed from the situation...ouch for sure.

    What? Your little brother doesn't swoon over his accent like I do? I can't believe it!! I adore that accent. ;o)

    Every interview I watch with him I always listen intently for the "for sure" to show up. And it just makes me all warm and fuzzy when I hear it. I love when he says, "for sure." Seriously, it's one of my favorite things about him...silly, I know. But it's just so...him. I've come to expect it, and if he doesn't say it at least once, I'm like, "Wha?" ;o)


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