Monday, November 22, 2010

Wild's next game is Wednesday, José probably won't start

I assumed that José would not start the Wild's game against Philadelphia Wednesday night. I tweeted Mike Russo and asked if there had been any word at practice today. I said I assumed it would be Backstrom...

He replied, "Didn't even ask bc I'd think same thing."

Then they will play Friday at home against Nashville, and Saturday at Colorado. So I assume he'll start one of those. It would be nice if he could start Saturday in Colorado and kick their butts and shut all the hating Avs fans up. They are a hateful nasty bunch. :(


  1. Avs fans are indeed nasty. I kinda hope he starts at home though, since all he's done is playing on the road so far.

  2. I agree. A home start would be really nice for him.


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