Monday, November 29, 2010

Wild at Flames, 11/29/10 (Final: Wild 0 - Flames 3)

José got the start tonight while "Backstrom works on his game." The first period is going well so far...I believe he's stopped about 8 shots so far, 3:00 left in the 1st. Still no score...

Well, 2nd period woes continue for the Wild. 2 quick goals in an 18 second stretch in the first half of the period. Ouch. Then he held them after that. 21 total shots so far. It just felt like a bad period. Flames were in control the whole time. :(

Ok, game over. It ended up 0-3. José stopped 28 of 31 shots on goal. One goal against was on the PP.

His season stats now: 3-3, .919 SV%, 2.71 GAA. He's faced 210 shots this season so far...that's an average of 35 shots per game. Their goalies can't keep that up.

I believe these next 2 photos are from last game, but they weren't posted the other day.

Hate to post photos of him getting scored on...but there weren't many photos from tonight.

Found a couple more...



  1. Can we arrange for the Wild "to work on their second period game?" (Or at least not get lost skating around the rink?)

  2. I hear you on that. It's so aggravating.

  3. What bothers me the most is that the Wild shows they can put up quite a fight, but it's those stupid middle-of-the-game naps they tend to take. How come they only allow 11 shots on goal for Calgary in 20 minutes in the 1st, and then in about 6 min into the 2nd they have 9 shots on goal and 2 goals?

    Next game will be better.


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