Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Audio of Post-Game Interview with José 3/29/11

The Wild radio guys (Tom Reid specifically) talked to José after the shootout win last night. Here's the link:

I giggled when Reid referred to José as a "youngster" at the end of the interview. ;o)


  1. Glad to hear from Jose about the relief of ending the losing streak.

    I chuckled too, about the description of Theo as a youngster. It reminded me of the southern custom where men and boys of any age can be called "son" if the speaker is older. But since Reid played with the North Stars from 1969 - 1978, I guess everyone on the team is a youngster.

  2. On twitter, Kevin Falness who tweets for PondCast provided this audio link. So I replied to him and said I had to giggle at the use of "youngster." He said "To Tom Reid EVERYONE is a youngster." Haha!!


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