Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gameday, Wild vs. Canadiens, L (8-1) (Theo in Goal)

So José gets the start this evening at home against Montreal. His old team. Oh, a victory would be soooo sweet. And it WILL happen! I have faith. I mean, the Wild are due! They've lost 5 in a row. Ouch. Not ideal for a team trying to make the playoffs. But no matter what, I'm going to enjoy these last 10 regular season games. 10?! Only 10 games left in regular season?!! OMG, that's a very sad thought. Off-season is let's just enjoy what we have left, shall we? And let's go Theo!!
Well, I didn't even know if I'd update this thread, but I feel I should. It was a pretty upsetting game. I felt so bad for José. Huge defensive breakdowns in this game all the way through. None of the goals were really his fault. He was pulled in the 2nd period after 5 goals. Backstrom then came in and endured 3 more. The only goal the Wild could score was on a penalty shot. It was a pathetic showing in front of Theo. And I just feel so bad for him.

Here was Coach Richards' quote after the game:
"Our execution was probably the worst I've seen in just about two years now here," Minnesota coach Todd Richards said. "Decisions with the puck, without the puck, our defensemen were chasing back a lot. I felt bad for Theo because we put him in some really tough predicaments on the ice."

"I need to be better as a coach, and the players need to be better as players."

Theo's stats: 12-10-3, .915 SV%, 2.78 GAA.
For the team that he's working with, and the low number of games he gets to play, I think that's outstanding.

Much love to Theo!!!

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