Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gameday, Wild vs. Blues, L, 6-3 (Backstrom in Goal)

There will only be 7 games after tonight. I'm really, really hoping for a Wild win. Not only for the guys and their mental well-being, but for us and our desire to see some goalie love!! How long's it been? A LONG time!!

Backstrom in goal...I'm hoping Theo gets the next start against the Blues on Tuesday night. I wish I had the nerve to drive in St. Louis myself, because I easily could've gotten tickets to that game. But I'm too chicken to drive in St. Louis and I couldn't ask my brother to drive me again on a weeknight.

Wild lost 6-3. Brutal. At least they scored 3 goals!! That's something!

Wild play Tuesday in St. Louis. I have a feeling Theo will get the start.

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