Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gameday, Wild @ Blues, W, 3-2 in Shootout (Theo in Goal)

The Wild meet the Blues tonight for the last time this season. Theo will be the starter. Let's hope the team can pull themselves out of this hole and make a good showing. It has to be such a low point for them.

The game is blacked out on my Gamecenter feed since I'm in the St. Louis market, so I can't get screen captures. But Theo is in goal, and he's saved 10 of 11 shots on goal. He's done very well so far.

The Wild actually scored quickly, so it's 1-1. They've definitely looked better tonight than they did the other night.

Game still tied at 1-1. Theo faced 7 more shots for a total of 18 so far. He's looked good.
Wild win in a shootout!! Way to go, Theo!!
Ended up saving 27 of 29 shots.
Thanks to fellow Theo fan, Val, for these great screen captures. (You get better looking screen captures than I ever get!)

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  1. Looks like they won 3-2 in a shootout. Glad they got the W


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