Sunday, March 20, 2011

Some new photos I found

I found some new photos today.
This first group were from last summer (Aug 2010) at a show called Elvis Story that was performed at the Capitole de Québec. It seems José was there with his brother, Rock. The site says it's his brother Rick, but he doesn't have a brother Rick.

And I would like to point out that he is wearing my favorite shirt of all time of his. The black and white checked shirt that he also wore earlier this season at the Wild About Children Event, and last year at the check presentation for Saves for Kids. Love that shirt!

The first photo was listed as "Brendon, José, Jean pilote et Rick." His brother is the one on the right in the lavendar shirt (again, must be Rock), and the man in the middle is Jean Pilote, who I believe is the owner and CEO of the Capitole de Quebec. I don't know what Brendon refers to though.

Now there is supposed to be one of just José and Rock, but when I click on the thumbnail, it takes me to the photo above again. I'm really bummed about that, because it looks like a really adorable photo of the brothers. Here's the thumbnail.

And these photos were found on the website of a seemingly famous Quebecois photographer, Roland Lachance. Here is a photo of José with Roland. Roland does not look too happy to be on that side of the camera. But it's not just because he's with José...I saw numerous photos of him, and he always looked that...sour.

This is José with Micheline...don't know who that is.
And here he is, all alone with his pretty.

The next one has become one of my favorites...I just adore photos of him when he had braces. I can't explain why...just so cute. And look at this smile. From a golfing event in Aug 2005.

And this smile!

Here he is with Habs legend, Jean Béliveau, in May 2004.

Super close-up from 2004.

And at the airport in 2005.

There are a few more, but I need to get to bed now. So I'll blog the rest another time.


  1. Love Love these pictures..I have an idea..we have Marty Monday so we should have TheoTuesday!!

  2. Every Tuesday is Theo Tuesday in my world. Haha!

  3. I vote for Theo Tuesday and Theo Thursday! We could also have a Spurge Sunday! :P

  4. Yes, yes, and YES!!! Hahaha!! I loves it!


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