Friday, March 11, 2011

Gameday, Wild @ Stars, 7:30 CST (Theo in Goal)

José gets the crap assignment of playing in Dallas tonight. The Wild have not won there in the past 13 tries (since 2003.) Wow, that's a bad streak.

Here's what Russo said today in his blog when mentioning the Wild goalie situation: "My guess is the Wild signs an experienced backup (José Theodore or likely another because Theodore wants and should be a No. 1)"

I've never agreed with Russo quite as much as right now.

After the first period the Wild are down 1-0. There hasn't been a lot of shots on goal. José faced 9. But some of those were really good saves. And the goal scored was a really great play. Nothing he could do about it. And only down 1-0, I feel good about that.

Well, I guess I jinxed the team with my last statement there. That period started out pretty well, ended like hell. Can't really blog much about it. Too painful. Suffice it to say it's 4-0, and things aren't good. Playoffs aren't looking promising.

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