Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gameday, Wild (2) vs. Sabres (3), (Theo in Goal!)

José finally gets to wear the gorgeous red jersey again tonight as he gets his first home start since early January! Go Theo!!!

He's on a hot streak, so the Wild are going to continue to start him. You know one of my favorite things I've read that José said is that he never gets too high or too low on himself. Because things can always change.

He's hot right now (well, imho he's always hot, but that's a different story ;o) so I think it's wise to ride that. And if something should happen to cool him off, then go back to Backs. Backs was hot for a while, then something happened. It doesn't mean Backs isn't still a good goalie, things just happen. Go with who's hot at the moment until they aren't. That's what's so great about having 2 goalies of such high caliber.

Nice little graphic MSG put up during the 1st period (FSN isn't showing the game, so I'm stuck with Sabres feed.)

After one period, the Wild are down 1-0. That goal was scored within the first 2 minutes, I think it was. It was defensive breakdown and a beautiful play by the Sabres. José didn't have a chance. There were 3  odd man rushes in less than three minutes. Ouch. The Wild did seem to pick it up the 2nd 10 minutes of the period. Let's hope the 2nd period they really step it up.

José stopped 7 of 8 SOG. SOGs are even for the teams.

After the 2nd period, the game was tied at 2. Wild definitely mounted a comeback. José saved all 11 shots he faced.

The Wild lose 3-2 in OT. So at least they got a point. Probably won't be much help in the standings, but it's better than none.

José stopped all 15 SOG in the 3rd period. Only faced one in OT, and it was the game-winner.
Saved 30 of 33.

His stats at this point: 12-8-3, .921 save% (10th in league!), 2.58 GAA (and these are for a guy who has played so few games that his minutes are 37th in the league.) Great job, Theo!!!

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