Friday, March 4, 2011

More from Theo's Awesome Performance Last Night

Carly Peters took over in-game commentary duties last night for Glen, and also the Five Take-Aways. Here's the first take-away about our goalie:

"Let's make sure we get to this right off the bat: José Theodore was the reason for the Wild win tonight. I'm not trying to discount the work that led to Minnesota's three goals, or the defensive effort of the guys in front of Theo who cleared the Blueshirts out of the way so he could see the puck. But looking back on this win, if Theodore hadn't played so well, the Wild would have taken a hefty deficit into the first intermission, and very likely, beyond.

All saves are important, but his early stops on the Wild PK really seemed to set the tone that he was in the zone tonight. I'm no NHL player, but I have to think that when you see your teammate robbing New York left and right, you begin to think it's your night to make a comeback.

Theo stopped 40 shots in the win, perhaps the most remarkable coming when he threw the paddle down to stop Ryan Callahan on the power play in the first period. Then again, he did throw down the pads to make a stellar save late in the game. He has now stopped 107-of-111 shots in his last three appearances, good for a .964 save percentage."

And here are the clips of those 2 saves she mentions.

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