Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gameday, Wild @ Rangers, Wild Win, 3-1! (Theo in Goal)

José will get the start tonight after finishing up the 2nd and 3rd periods in last night's game. Here's hoping the whole team shows up this time. Go Wild!!!

Here was José's stats against the Rangers before the game. Let's hope he gets to add another win tonight.

But, the 1st period was not a good one again. They don't look much better than last night. But at least they are only down 1-0 this time around. The Wild did not have a SOG until almost 18:00 in. That's right. Can't score that way.

José faced 8 SOG. Saved 7.

Ok, the 2nd period definitely went better for the Wild. José faced a lot of shots...17 more. But he saved them all. Some really great saves mixed in there. He's having a really good game again. Beast.

Wild win!! José ended up saving 40 of 41 shots!!! I'll have more later. Waiting for his interview to show up on FSN's website.

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