Sunday, March 13, 2011

"...a cool as can be guitar-playing tattoo-wearing goalie..."

While stalking InGoal Magazine to see if the Ask a Pro (Theo edition) had been printed yet (I know it's too soon, but whatever), I ran across this little blurb they printed after the Wild's outdoor practice a while back. I think they photo they used was a new one to me also, I'll include it here. They said:

"~Calgary wasn’t the only place NHL players were on outdoor ice this weekend. The Minnesota Wild took to the outdoors for a practice and it was there that José Theodore – a cool as can be guitar-playing tattoo-wearing goalie - took cool to a whole new level, donning a pair of shades for the practice:


  1. Psh. Our Theo takes cool to a completely new level. ;)

    PS: Yes, I failed at going to bed early. Whatever. LOL.

  2. Haha! Epic fail on your part about going to bed early! (Can't say I'm surprised though. ;o) You'll get there later in the semester when you're so tired you can't stay awake. ;o)

    And yes, our Theo is the King of Cool. He's been cool for so long, it's just 2nd nature to him. ;o)

  3. Anonymous commenter,

    I had seen that photo, and I even had it on the site here for a short time. But I was told by someone that I needed to take it down because the photographer hadn't given permission for me to use it. So I'm afraid to post the link also. But thanks very much for the info in case I hadn't seen it!


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