Monday, April 25, 2011

José Mentioned in Article about UFA Goalies

Over at In Lou We Trust on SB Nation (a NJ Devils blog) John Fischer wrote an article about upcoming UFA goalies and why the Devils should try to resign Hedberg. But there was mention of José and a nice chart of UFA goalies' stats from this season. Here's the table (click to enlarge:)

I have to say though, that I don't see José signing with anyone as a back-up, unless it would be Minnesota again. I could very possibly be wrong. I don't know why I would assume to know what he would prefer. But if he's going to be a back-up, I would think he would either stay in MN or possibly sign with a team that might be more of a contender. New Jersey would not be that, I doubt. My thoughts are that he will either sign as a #1 somewhere, and if that's not a possiblity, then he'll resign with Minnesota. But only time will tell.

And here's where they mentioned José:
There are three guys below Hedberg on this chart who I also would not mind having as Devils next season. While they didn't perform as well as Moose at even strength save percentage, Jose Theodore, Alex Auld, and Mathieu Garon did decently enough last season and actually commanded lower cap hits than Hedberg. Theodore also has the added appeal of once being a starting goaltender in this league. Should the situation arise, there wouldn't be any need to panic if he has to step in between the pipes. Auld has the benefit of being even younger and possibly available for a little cheaper than Theodore. He's bounced around the league and has gotten significant minutes as a starter for a couple seasons. He didn't stick as a starter in Vancouver (understandable after his 2005-06 season) or Ottawa (not so understandable in 2007-08?). Garon's numbers are similar to Theodore's except for overall save percentage; and he would be a good option if Hedberg, Boucher, Theodore, and Auld all say no.

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