Monday, April 25, 2011

José's Appearances in Les Morissette

Thanks to Val for sending me this link quite a while ago. I wanted to wait until off-season to post it, then I needed to find where I'd stored it. ;o)

Anyway, for those that don't know, José's wife is Stephanie Cloutier. Stephanie's sister, Veronique, is a radio and TV personality in Montreal. Her husband (or boyfriend?), Louis Morissette, is a comedian and they had a reality-type show back when José still played in Montreal. And José and Stephanie made appearances in 2 of the episodes. It's all in French, so I can't understand it, but it's still neat to see, even if the quality isn't that great.

I'll supply the link, and they appear in Episodes 8 and 10. In #8 they are in the first minute of the episode. In #10 you'll want to fast forward about 2:00 to get to the José part.

Val gave me this summary:
In #8, Louis is first asking Theo about his teammates' nicknames. Then Stephanie comes in holding Louis and Veronique's daughter and José says something that sounds like "Uncle José" and acts like he's going to hold her, but Louis steps in. He doesn't want him holding her, because he's afraid she'll make him sick, and he won't be able to play in the game against Toronto. ;o)

In #10 (fast forward to 2:00), José and Stephanie bring in a bag of his old clothes and try to give them to Louie. But he says he doesn't need their charity. ;o) He says something about taking the clothes to a shelter, but the one he mentions is for women's clothes, indicating that some of José's clothes are more suited for women. :p

Thanks, Val!

I'm just going to say...I love seeing José in jeans...and leave it at that. ;o)

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