Thursday, April 7, 2011

Theo Came into Vancouver Game in Relief, Starts Tomorrow

I got sidetracked today and forgot to post that Backs was starting tonight against Vancouver and Theo was scheduled to start tomorrow in Edmonton.

Things changed slightly tonight, because the Canucks put a whompin' on the Wild, and Backs was pulled early in the 3rd period with the score 5-0. José came in and thank goodness they didn't score anymore. He only faced 5 shots, but saved them all. And they weren't all easy either.

I assume he will still play tomorrow night as well.

With Spurgeon.

Before he went in.


  1. Theo will always be loved in Minny no matter where he may go. I would definitely miss him but he is such an awesome goalie and deserves all the playing time he can get. I will follow you as a fan Theo wherever that may be. Thank you for being a part of the Wild this year. Was such a joy to watch you play!


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