Saturday, April 9, 2011

Nice Sentiment From a Wild Fan

I ran across a blog today called Hitting the Post.

The author had a nice bit about José while talking about last night's game:

"If that ends up being Theodore's last game as a Wild player, I thank him. He came in and did a great job this season in what had to be a major pride-swallowing situation. I hope he finds a situation where he can be a #1 next year."

So thanks to the author (byline was NiNY) for that very nice sentiment. That seems to be a trend with wherever José finds himself playing. He always leaves a favorable impression with many of the fans. Even if they didn't know of him before or weren't sure how he would fit in with their team, he definitely wins a large portion of the fans over.

And I love that other people find out what we've known for a long time, José is one of the best in the NHL, on and off the ice.

José deinitely lives up to the "Stay classy" line. A truly class act.


  1. i thought this was really cool until i scrolled down and realized you were a canadians fan and then i lost all respect.

  2. Did you mean that I'm a Canadiens fan? Or are you talking about someone else? I'm not a Canadiens fan. Just a Theo fan.


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