Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Theo Shelf

Before I met José in Feb. I printed off one of my friend Berni’s drawings of him and took it with me so he could sign it for me. (Her drawings can be found here: She’s awesome and I envy her talent! :o)

So I finally found a suitable frame tonight, and I hung it up. I don’t think my shelf arrangement is going to stay the same as it is now, because I’m also getting the pratice jersey he signed for me custom fit into a shadowbox, and I’ll be hanging that too. I’ll update the photos when it’s all done. There’s some other miscellaneous stuffs on there (McFarlane figures, the signed puck from practice, signed card and photo from eBay and the bear that showcases his mini-mask.) The bear is "holding" the ticket from the game I saw him play in (and win in a shootout) in St. Louis. So here it is for now…updated photos once the practice jersey is framed. I don’t like the brown shelf with the black frames, but that’s the only shelf I had and it will do for now. I will also be getting a combination display holder for the puck and card.


  1. LOVE ur theo shelf!!!!!

  2. I feel like kicking myself in the liver, because I almost got a McFarlane Crosby figure and then I didn't and now I wish I had. A Theo one would be sweet, too.

    I love your shelf :)

  3. Thanks so much, guys!! It makes me smile. ;o) It's not creepy, is it? It's just a bit of a tribute, not like a shrine or anything.

    I have heard the later McFarlane figures aren't quite as well done as the earlier ones. The Theo ones are quite well done with details and the paint jobs, etc. I've heard the newer figures...not so much. :(


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