Friday, April 8, 2011

Wild vs. Oilers, W, 3-1 (Theo in Goal)

This could very possibly be José's last start for the season, as the only other game is the season finale on Sunday, and I have a feeling Backs will start that one.

So send all your positive vibes to Theo for a great game, a great victory, and lots of goalie love!!!!

After the 1st period, the Wild lead 1-0. José faced 8 shots. Unfortunately much of the period was taken up with fighting. Not very pleasant. Hopefully they got all their animosity out of the way and we can watch hockey this period.
100 penalty minutes.

Action picked up in the 2nd (less fighting, in fact I think there were no fights) and José faced 15 shots and stopped 14. The score is now 2-1.

If this is Theo's last game as a Wild, it was at least a good one. He saved 28 of 29 shots and even got into a bit of a scrape after Cogliano ended up in his net.

This was José realizing Cogliano was talking crap to him.
And then him saying, "Oh, you wanna go? Let's go!"
And then the ref getting in between. José could've taken him!

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  1. Wild take the game 3-1. (I listened to the end of the third period.) Glad Theo got the win!


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