Sunday, April 10, 2011

Last Gameday, Wild vs. Stars, W 5-3 (Theo in Goal)

I couldn't see this game on Gamecenter, because of a blackout. I assume because it was being shown on NHL Network, which I don't have. So I was bummed about that, but I should be able to see the Gamecenter feed in 48 hours to get some wonderful shots of goalie love! The Wild won!!!
I did find a feed, but it wasn't as nice as the Gamecenter one, because I couldn't pause, rewind, etc. I will have lots of fun screen capturing in 48 hours.

José stopped 26 of 29 shots and the Wild won!! And that knocked the Stars out of the playoffs...that was an extra bonus. ;o) Haha, Ott! José looked great in the game, and it was such an awesome way for him to end the season.

This was an awesome shot after José made a great save on Ott, then there was a mad scramble around the net, and then he took a well-deserved rest on the goal post. ;o)

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