Saturday, October 15, 2011

Five Florida Panthers Who Must Produce

By Frank Rekas at The Rat Trick

You can check out the article at the link to see all five players. I'm just going to post the part about José.

Jose Theodore: You all know where I stand on this. I think very highly of Jose, and have been pleased with his regular season performance so far. While that’s not a benchmark for the year, Jose has a lot to prove. To himself and to some of you. The wrap against him is consistency and I get that. He’s played some very good hockey, and he’s played some very below average hockey at times. Don’t expect him to be Tomas Vokoun or Roberto 7uongo. He’s Jose Theodore, a very good NHL goaltender who has the ability to win between 28 to 32 games this year if he gets 55 starts. Once our defence settles down, and the communication is worked out, you’ll see how good he is. But make no mistake, he was brought here to carry the load, and he can.

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