Thursday, October 27, 2011

José's Reaction to the News (Edited with more comments)

He is a much better person than I will ever be. This is why the Panthers need to realize they have the best guy in the NHL for their team. Such a super teammate.

Article is here.

"Veteran goalie Jose Theodore took the news well and was totally supportive of Markstrom. He said his core injury could use the extra rest and Markstrom’s hot streak couldn’t come at a better time."

And another article here.

“Look around the league, it’s so competitive now, you need two solid goalies, you got to make sure the starter gives the team a chance to win,” Theodore said. “Look at the playoffs, there’s always two goalies involved and always a big strength when your team is able to use two goalies. The key is whoever is in there you have to play well. Everybody is happy in that case, both goalies are involved and the team is winning. I’m trying to help Marky the best I can with my experience and details and trying to mentor him the best way I can.”

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