Saturday, October 15, 2011

Panthers vs. Lightning, 10/15/11 (W, 3-2, SO)

After one period, the Panthers lead 1-0. They scored on one of the 5 PPs they had. And the Panthers killed off 1 1/2 PP. The Lightning will be on the PP when the 2nd begins. Jovonavski scored the Panthers goal.

José has stopped all 9 shots on goal.

At the end of 2, the Panthers still lead 1-0. José only had to face 7 shots that period. The Panthers are leading by quite a few shots, but didn't score anymore.

And I'm having to watch the Tampa Bay feed, and they are not showing any shots of José, hence no screen shots.

Sorry I didn't update sooner. I was so nervous for a while, then so excited I had to calm down. Haha.

Anyway, the Panthers won in a SHOOTOUT! I hate them, but José was perfect. He stopped St. Louis, Stamkos, and Lecavalier. Great stuff. He ended up stopping 28 of 30 shots on goal during the game.


  1. Too bad shoot out saves aren't included in highlights. I'll bet Theo looked good.

  2. Yes, he definitely did. And it wss funny, on the Stamkos shot...Stamkos tried a spin-o-rama, and José was right there waiting for it. And he made a gesture at Stamkos with his glove almost saying "Get out of here with that crap." Then he shook his head a couple times as he did his skate-around. It was hilarious.


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