Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Panthers @ Penguins, 10/11/11 (L, 4-2)

After 1 period the Panthers are down 1-0. José faced 12 shots on goal. The Penguins are definitely a better team than the Islanders (understatement), but the Panthers are hanging in there better than I thought they would. That goal was attributed to bad play on the 5 guys in front of José. All confused and messed up.

Thanks to Berni for the screen captures tonight! I'm watching on Versus, and it's blacked out on Gamecenter.

After 2 periods the Panthers are behind 3-1. Could be worse...

He's faced 21 shots on goal so far.

Panthers lost, 4-2. He faced 29 shots on goal. Thanks again to Berni for the screen captures. I'll post some articles tomorrow.

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