Monday, October 24, 2011

Markstrom in Net on 10/24/11

This was what Coach Dineen had to say in his morning interview today, from George Richards of the Miami Herald:

"Theo is healthy enough to play tonight,” Dineen said.

Will he, I asked?

“We’ll play coy here. I’m going to think this one out this afternoon and decide closer to game time,” Dineen said. “They’re both workhorses, I have to kick both of them off the ice.”

So I guess he decided to go with Markstrom. It could be that he wanted to get Markstrom another start before Clemmensen comes back. And if José was feeling any sort of twinge at all, maybe he thought this was a good time. Maybe it's because Markstrom played well in the 3rd period last game...ride the hot goalie kind of thing.

I just hope it doesn't continue. Markstrom needs more time in the AHL, and I think he'll get that one Clemmensen comes back. I don't want to see José riding the bench before then though, because his play has not warranted that this season.

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