Sunday, October 16, 2011

Video of the Panthers' shootout victory from 10/15/11

I uploaded the whole shootout to YouTube. The original quality of the video from the Panthers' website was not that great, so it's a bit grainy. But you can tell what's going on. And José's gesture to Stamkos after he stopped his shot...epic.

Click to see video here.


  1. Thank you very much for all the news about Théodore, I come every day for reading.

  2. Thank YOU for the comment!! That makes me feel really good to know I have loyal visitors. I'm really glad that I'm able to supply you with your Theo news. :o)

  3. Stamkos what an ass! Geez! He wanted to go all fancy on Jose :-P
    I think Jose was kinda pissed because Stamkos wanted to humiliate YAY JOSE!

  4. Haha. I know! Even though I was so nervous, because shootouts make me insanely nervous, I had to laugh out loud at that. Gotta love José!


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