Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gamepost for the Panthers vs. Sabres (L, 0-3)

It's scoreless after one. José has made 11 saves, and some of those were of the "quality" variety, as the announcers like to say. He stoned a guy on a breakaway, and that was awesome to see. Miller is the goalie for Buffalo, so it's a battle of Vezina-winning goalies, and they are both looking it tonight.

After the 2nd period, the Sabres lead 2-0. The Panthers can't get much going offensively. The 2 goals against Theo were on his guys in front of him. Nothing he could do. He's still doing extremely well. He's faced a total of 24 shots so far, whereas Miller has faced 16.

And one point his mask got knocked off by a shot that hit his head/neck region. But with his great hand-eye coordination, he caught it very smoothly.

The Panthers could not get anything to fall into place offensively. They lost 3-0. José ended up facing 38 shots on goal, and Miller only had to see 22. José really had an exceptional game...the score could've been so much worse.

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