Saturday, October 8, 2011

Gamenight, Wild @ NYI, W (2-0), José Named 1st Star

José is making his regular season debut with the Panthers tonight. I'll update as time allows through the game.

After 1 period, the Panthers lead 2-0. José has made 5 saves. A relatively quiet period for him, but there were a couple good saves. A good way to ease into this first game with a practically all-new team. It felt good.

After 2 periods, the Panthers still lead 2-0. José faced 12 more shots on goal and saved them all. He's looked really good, and the defense is doing a great job in front of him. There's not a lot of traffic in front of him, he's not getting screened too much. The whole team is looking good. I'm excited.

José got his 31st career shutout in the 2-0 victory over the Islanders tonight. I do believe that 6 of those shutouts were against the Islanders. So it was a great game to start out with. Got his confidence back. Good team effort all the way around. He saved a total of 27 SOG and was named 1st Star. Campbell was 2nd and Weiss 3rd.

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