Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gameday, Panthers vs. Islanders (W, 4-2)

José will be in net tonight against the Islanders. Let's hope it goes as well as the first game against the Islanders!

I was having trouble with my Gamecenter feed most of the first period, so didn't see much. The game is tied at one early in the 2nd period. The Islanders goal was scored on a PP.

The big news is that David Booth, the Panthers' goal leader last season, was traded before gametime. It was a surprise and I wouldn't doubt it came as a shock to his teammates too. He was at practice this morning, then not at the game.

I believe he only faced 5 shots in the first period.

After 2 periods, the score is tied at 2. Another PP goal for the Islanders. He only faced 4 more shots that period.

José didn't play the 3rd period. He was on the bench and Markstrom was in net. After the game it was announced by Coach Dineen that he was taken out for "precautionary reasons relating to 'core issues'", so let's hope it's nothing serious and he'll be back next game. Although everyone is so high on Markstrom, it really wouldn't surprise me if they start him. He saved all 18 shots he faced in the 3rd. José did fine also, but only faced 10 shots in the first 2 periods. We'll see what happens. There are a lot of people in Florida who want their "goalie of the future" to be their goalie of the present.


  1. I see the bad luck word for goalies up there! ahahaha hope the team gets the win tonight! :) go panthers go! go théo go!

  2. Oh, you're right!! I'll edit immediately!

  3. Glad the Panthers got a win last night, so at least the coach had some good news to work with. It's always an adjustment when a teammate is traded, but when it's closer to trade deadline, everyone knows the possibility is there. For a trade to happen this early, the surprise compounds the shock.

    Theo's injury doesn't sound too serious. I think I remember a time or two he had issues with back spasms with the Caps. He may not be ready for the next game, but it doesn't sound like a long term issue.

    But I'd guess Markstrom would probably go back to the AHL when Clemmeson is ready to play. Last season was his first in North America, and the rinks are larger in Sweden, so he'd probably benefit from being the number one at the AHL level.


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