Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1/19/11 Video of José Talking about His Injury

Thank you, Berni, for reminding me I needed to check Fox Sports North's website! I had just thought yesterday and today that I hadn't been there in a while, since José hasn't played. And I knew I should still check, just in case there was something. And sure enough, there was a video from 1/19/11 of him talking about his injury. The audio is awful...loud people in background coupled with microphone not being close enough to him...hard to hear sometimes. But here it is.

The Wild beat the Blackhawks tonight, so that was a great way to go into the All-Star Break. It will be a week before they play again. I will have withdrawal...

Here was a screen capture of Theo and Backs tonight after the game from Berni. The game was blacked out on Gamecenter for me, since it was in Chicago, so she was kind enough to share her screen cap with me. I'll get more after the blackout is over in 48 hours. Yay for happy goalies!!!

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