Sunday, January 9, 2011

Gameday, Wild vs. Stars, 5:00 CST (Wild Lose 4-0)

5 starts in a row for our favorite goalie!!

Well, this game is not going so well. I really can't stand the Stars. I can't put my finger on why, but I really can't stand 'em. They are playing well...maybe that's why. ;o)

Anyway, after the first period it's 2-0, Stars lead. José has faced 10 SOG.

After the 2nd period, the Wild still trail 2-0. José faced 9 more SOG. This Wild team doesn't look like the same team of the past few games. Feels like the team from earlier in the season. Maybe the Stars are just a really good team that's giving them a lot of trouble.

Well, that was a disappointing end to the win streak. Wild lost 4-0. Poor José. He worked his butt off and played so well. "Magnificently", according to one of the Dallas announcers, and I agree. Unfortunately the Wild couldn't score, and there were some defensive breakdowns. I just hate that José played so well and this is how he was repaid. I wonder if the team was just too tired. I mean, they beat the Pens and the Bruins!

He ended up saving 24 of 28 SOG.

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