Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More Photos from the Devils Game on 1/4/11

Quite a few good José photos from the game tonight.

By the way, in Mike Russo's after-game blog he mentioned how well José did tonight (especially in the 2nd period when the Devils woke up) and he said he figures he will start again the next game in Boston on Thursday. But that's not official.

And lots of love for José after the game. ;o) I wish there had been a photo of Madden with him, because he gave him a big ole hug. I'll try to get a screen cap after the 48-hr blackout has lifted on Gamecenter.

Brodziak got a puck to the face tonight.

Stoner got his first NHL goal.

And with Zanon (thanks to Berni for the next two photos!)

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