Sunday, January 9, 2011

Post Game Interview after Pittsburgh Shutout

FSN came through with another José post-game interview. Beautiful smile we got to see here.

This was the intro to the article about the game on FSN:

Here are José's recent stats (click to see bigger):

And he was 1st start tonight!

There's probably more out there, but I need to get to bed. I have an early morning. I'll try to get anything else posted tomorrow evening after I'm home. They haven't announced who will start tomorrow when they play Dallas at home. If José is up for it, I'd say it will be him. But if he's too tired, then Khudobin.


  1. Always nice to see Theo's smile! No surprise that he's the first star - I'd wonder what the media had been watching if he weren't. And it's great that this is shutout number 30.

  2. They said on the Pittsburgh game that he would start but I don't know how they would know that lol


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