Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Audio of Post Game Interviews (Richards, Cullen, Theo)

Yet another reason José is my favorite...he wasn't going to make excuses. He admitted he made mistakes on 2 of the goals, and he said he can't let that happen. So all the haters out there can back off. He doesn't need to be beaten up anymore than he's already beating up himself.

Nice of Coach Richards to be a dick about it though...everyone is always quick to point out "when it's the goalie's fault." If other players suck, they don't usually name names...when they aren't happy with the goalie it's a different story. I have a feeling Khudobin will start on Friday the way Richards blamed José for this one.


I would just like for all of them to remember how he helped the team last week and maybe cut him some slack.

And thanks to thepatronsaintx for this Jacques Plante quote:
"Goaltending is a normal job, sure. How would you like it in your job if every time you made a small mistake, a red light went on over your desk and 15,000 people stood up and yelled at you?"

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