Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gameday, Wild at Predators 1/11/11 (Preds win 5-1)

I just got home, so the game was already down to 5:00 minutes in the 1st period. It was 1-0 when I arrived, but the Wild just scored, so it's now tied at 1-1.

The game is tied at 1-1 after 1 period. José faced 6 SOG. I can't really comment on how the period went, because I missed most of it. :(

After period 2 the Wild trail 2-1. That 2nd goal was a bit unfortunate. It came off of a rebound. Unfortunate, that's for sure, because that's what everyone's going to be focused on if they lose. He's had great saves though too. Of course, a certain sports writer is already talking crap about him, after loving on him just a couple days ago. Whatever.

Faced 10 SOG on that period.

And the final ended up 5-1. ~sigh~ Let me just say, this was not a goalie loss, this was a team loss. I'm not going to say José was perfect, because he wasn't. But he can't be expected to be. And he can't be expected to save the team when they fail to score.

It's really sickening to read all the crap out there tonight. Just a few days ago everyone was on the Theo Bandwagon. Yay, Theo, you're so awesome. Well, guess what..he's still the same guy, same goalie he was after Saturday's game, folks. Just because he doesn't win every game is no reason to talk crap (I'm really trying not to be as angry as I was on twitter tonight.) I don't know why I even go to the forums. And the Wild forum wasn't that bad tonight...it was other places.

And a certain sportswriter can kiss my left foot.

José was pulled after the 4th goal was scored in the 3rd period. He played 50:39 minutes. He saved 21 of 25 SOG.

But we all still believe in him, and we know he'll bounce back!! Haters to the left!!! He's still a BAMF (see below...thanks, Berni, for getting me addicted to the LOL generator!)

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