Thursday, December 23, 2010

2 More YouTube Videos I Posted

I posted my first attempt at a YouTube video last week, and I've tried a few more since then. I guess I can't really call them videos...they are more slideshows set to music. Here are the other 2 I made. The first is one I call Théo's Face Showers. ;o) If you've followed my blog very long, you know I'm quite partial to the photos of José where he's spraying himself with his water bottle. There's just something about those shots that make me smile. So I collected all the face shower shots I could find and put them together here:

Then, I also think Henrik Lundqvist is a pretty cool goalie. And I would vote him as the 2nd hottest goalie in the NHL. ;o) So I put the boys together here for a little fun.

Those sure were a lot of fun to make!! Hahaha!!

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