Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's Official...Theo shaved the Mo

I thought it looked like he'd shaved the moustache off the other night when he played, but I couldn't tell for sure with his mask on. But he's on the bench tonight against the Coyotes, and here's a shot from the game. He was looking at Havlat after he went to the bench after being taken down by the Coyotes.

I'm still waiting for video or photos or something on the Wild's website about the Wild About Children event earlier this week. They showed a short video of it during a break in the game, but I haven't seen it on the site yet.

And here's a little goalie love between Theo and Backs after the Wild win. I love to see goalie love. ;o)


  1. the video they showed of the dinner is on fsn website....i watched but no theo

  2. Oh darn...I thought I might've seen him in the background once...but probably wishful thinking. Maybe photos will be coming too. Thanks!

  3. photos up on minny site theos in one and only c top of his head in group pic

  4. We must've seen that at the same time. I was posting the new entry when you were commenting. ;o) So it was him I saw in the background of the video they showed during the game tonight, because it was that shirt for sure. I found the photos, but I can't find the video on their site. Their website is so hard to navigate. Do you have the link to the video? I can only find the previous years. :(

    vid is on their site not the wilds....


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