Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wild 3-Kings 2 in OT

Well, that was definitely worth staying up late for!! Wild win in OT, Theo saves 24 of 26 shots on goal! A relatively quiet night for shots, but he had to deal with bodies around him and ON him all night long. Ryan Smyth is now very close to being my least favorite player...but Ott still beats him out. Jerks. ;o)

And the final.

This was Theo getting a big happy hug from the retired Army Sgt. Major who has been brought in to help the Wild with motivation, etc. I missed the really big smile on José's face. I'll have to try again when I'm not so tired.

And there was an interview with José after the game, but my Gamecenter feed cuts off and doesn't show post-game. So I won't get to see it until it posts on FSN's website tomorrow. But until then loyal follower and big Theo fan, thepatronsaintx, who has stayed up until 4:00 am to see the end of this game, shared these screen caps with me. I'll hopefully have a post of the interview tomorrow, after I'm back in town.


  1. I almost melted when Théo went to the bench and was all smiiiiiiiiles and then hugged that guy. It was adorable.

    Also, it took me forever to fall asleep lol I was just so excited! Next will be Théo's 250th career win :D!

    And lastly, that first picture of him in goal makes me laugh, because he obviously has no idea that the puck is under his pad, and he's probably wondering if it got deflected or something LOL

  2. I saw that it was his 249th win!! That's so awesome!! I need to mention that somewhere.

    And I agree about the happy time after the game. It was super adorable!!

    That first photo made me think "layed an egg." But in a fun way!


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